Enjoy your stay; watch out for typographical nerdery.

My wonderful family! (see full size)
My wonderful family! (see full size)

Good day (or evening, as the case may be), and welcome to my home on the interwebs!

If you’ve just stumbled onto this site from a bleary-eyed tumble through the wild wastes of the web, and have no idea who I am, this page will get you started. If you’re already familiar with my particular quirks, oddities, interests, and hobbies, feel free to hop right on into whichever of the site’s sections you came here seeking.

Otherwise, a few words of introduction are likely in order. I am first of all a Christ-follower, a husband, a happy father of two little girls (one toddling around happily and the other working her way along through her first year of life, with all the craziness that entails). I work as a software developer and web designer, am also in pursuit of the Master of Divinity degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.1

I am a Colorado native, and the mountains make my soul sing.2 I had the pleasure of earning a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Oklahoma—where I also took the rough equivalent of a minor in music composition from a school that does not offer music minors.3 While in Oklahoma, I met my wonderfully Godly, intelligent, beautiful, nerdy wife Jaimie, whose fiction and occasional blogging are both well worth your time. Our first daughter, Elayne Kaylee, was also born in Oklahoma.4 In 2013, we moved to North Carolina, a land we have been happy to call home ever since.

When I am not busy programming or studying biblical languages and theology, you can often find me writing,5 running (I am a half marathoner, which is not the same as half a marathoner), playing Ultimate, rereading The Lord of the Rings again, watching Doctor Who or Castle or Firefly with Jaimie, playing Ultimate, working on my podcast, or—very occasionally, when the stars align just right—composing.

Please take a gander at the various things I’ve written, and feel free to contact me via any of the sundry media I have listed in the “Contact” section below.

To see all of these in one place, take a look at the archives. Enjoy your stay and try not to get too lost.

  1. A land I am happy to call my home. More on that in a moment. Yes, you can expect footnotes to be a regular occurence even on standalone pages. I’m that kind of guy.

  2. My wife will attest to the singing, and also affirm that said singing is usually loud. Worry not: I have no intent to post recordings of such things.

  3. Some might call this crazy. I called it fun.

  4. There, I also had the displeasure sanctifying challenge of living in Oklahoma for seven and a half years. Oklahoma is almost totally flat, often quite brown, and its citizens think tornados are fun. They’re great people, really! But the state was not so much to my liking as was Colorado or as is North Carolina. I need hills, and better yet mountains, and I can do without the constant threat of tornadoes. At least here I have some warning when the hurricanes are coming!

    Also, I think I shall make this the last footnote: I am getting a bit carried away.

  5. Writing lots. Just look around at this site. You’ll see what I mean in short order. And yes, I know I just wrote another footnote.

    Does it make it any better that I started planning this footnote immediately after penning the last one, just for humor’s sake?