The (many) places you can hear my voice.


  • Winning Slowly – a show about technology, religion, ethics, and art (or, as I sometimes like to joke: literally everything humans do), cohosted with Stephen Carradini. Biweekly episodes when in the middle of a season; otherwise at our leisure.
  • New Rustacean – a show about the Rust programming language. Publishes roughly 3× monthly.


  • Mass Affection – a show about the Mass Effect trilogy, cohosted with my wife Jaimie. We’ll be back at this… just as soon as we unpack our Xbox 360, because we forgot we might want it and some of the games with it, including Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, while between houses.



  • Run With Me – a micro-podcast about running. It’s conceivable I may pick this up in the near future; I enjoyed this show a lot, but had my headphones, with their built-in microphone, destroyed by our cat; and I haven’t bought another pair I can use that way, and it’s been a few years, now…

  • Sap.py – a short podcast I did with Jaimie about her adventures learning Python. Life got in the way and she chose to focus her many talents on other efforts.