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I’m totally working a reference to Daniel Spreadbury’s SMuFL work into a discussion of Rust’s Unicode support in New Rustacean e014.

(This has to be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. Even in context, this is over the top.)

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After a few months of using Hasklig, reading code without code ligatures seems really weird to me.

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On the “typography should be invisible” bit that’s been going around lately, Matthew Butterick is on point:

Ty­pog­ra­phy isn’t in­vis­i­ble. By em­brac­ing that fact rather than deny­ing it, we can cre­ate bet­ter typography.

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It’s telling of the kind of nerd I am that one of the first thoughts I had on starting T. F. Torrance’s The Trinitarian Faith was “This could use to be re-typeset.” It looks like it was gorgeous. Key word being was.

CSS Fallback for OpenType Small Caps

A not-so-great solution which still gets the job done.

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I’m extremely impressed with the recently released Hack typeface. I’m currently using it at 11pt in my terminal, at 1920 by 1200 on my retina MacBook Pro—and it’s totally usable.

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I’ve been thinking about publishing my blog content in physical form, and of course I want to match the typeface. Time to start saving up to purchase a desktop license for Sabon, it seems.

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I’ve been using Input for about ten days now. It grew on me slowly, but I really like it. Using it everywhere now!

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Dear Washington Post: Georgia was designed for high legibility on screens. You may think it’s “newspapery” to squish the letters together with letter-spacing: -1.75px, but actually it’s just ugly.

This is bad and should not be mistaken for kerning or a ligature
This is bad and should not be mistaken for kerning or a ligature
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I followed up on my research from last night about using Input on the New Rustacean typeface. I don’t love the subscription model, but individual faces are $2.50/year at my scale. I think I can swing that. So I’m going to!

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Well, blast. I was thinking I might also use Input for the website design for NewRustacean.com. But Webtype doesn’t offer a purchase model, only a subscription model, and I’d really—really—rather not. Not least because it locks me in well past whatever point I end the show.

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Thinking about setting Input as my typeface for doing my development for a week or two, see how it goes.

Anybody tried it? Bugs or problems to report?

Tolle Lege!

Designing Readable Bibles with Digital Typography

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