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I’m simultaneously incredibly sad to be missing Rust Belt Rust and so relieved not to be traveling any more this year.

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Hey SEBTS students—you should join me in Keith Whitfield and Bruce Ashford’s THE7950 class for the ERLC national conference in Nashville!

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I think our day trip to the beach was a success. At dinner, Ellie said, “This was the best day ever!”

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Apparently, “a place to sit on the beach and play with my kids” is not what tourist departments have in mind for their wbsites. Probably because the possibilities for commerce, and therefore revenue, are small in that bucket. It is profoundly annoying, though.

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Astounding as it is to be able to work from the middle of a bus in the sky… I’m ready to be home, for so many reasons. Working in my own office again will be nice. Having my sweet little girls come say hello while I’m working will be even better.

the clouds I miss

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Oh, hey, Colorado—nice to see you again; it’s been a while!

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It’s amazing how much daylight sets your body’s clock. I’m flying west in early evening, and it barely feels like it’s getting later.

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I have flown a lot (for me) lately; it has been both wonderful and terrible. I love seeing different places; I hate being away from my family.