God is With Us

A sermon on John 14:15–31

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Few things are as encouraging when doing exegetical work for a sermon as finding that your thoughts aare not original, but stand in line with what the church has confessed about a passage before.

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One of the things that’s weird about writing sermons for a class is the requirement to turn in a summary of my preparation. Why, you ask? Because it tends to look like this…

A Strange and Messy Deliverance

A sermon on Judges 3:7–31

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Stayed up way too late tonight, working on a sermon on Judges 3. Yes. Judges 3. Should be interesting.

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I’ve set up a podcast feed specifically for any sermons I preach going forward. You can subscribe these places:

As an aside: having done the starting-up dance for 4 podcasts now, it’s gotten pretty easy. 😉

A Humble, Selfless, Unity

A sermon on Philippians 2:1–11

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Writing a sermon on Philippians 2:1–10 and listening to Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – The Complete Recordings. Delightful.

Power and Mercy

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