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Consider this a formal reminder: John Williams is (and has been for half a century!) a total boss when it comes to film scores.

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Drinking Guatemala Tactic Santa Sofia by Blue Bottle alongside some eggnog, with the Doctor Who Series 7 soundtrack playing in the background, as I finish up some work on an independent study at SEBTS. Mmmmmm.

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For the second day in a row, I’m starting things off with Arvo Pärt. It’s a good way to get goigng at the start of a work day.

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I’m listening to the recording of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 by Sir Colin Davis and… wow. This is a fantastic presentation of one of my favorite symphonies.

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Discovered I can use the Apple Pencil to input hand-written music notation with PreSonus Notion—wow. Imperfect as it is, it’s still a revelation.

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After a few weeks of noodling around with an idea, I nailed down the hook for the processional I’m writing for my sister’s wedding. Love that feeling. Now: to turn it into 2 minutes of music!

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Listening to Harry Greyson-Williams’ score for The Martian 🎵 and finishing the New Rustacean e015 script. 🎙

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The soundtrack to Stellaris is wonderful. Really, really wonderful.

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I have not been as excited about anything in 2016 as the announcement of Steinberg’s new notation software Dorico coming at the end of the year. Budget officially altered.

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500 words and some editing and 75 minutes to go. Put on some Ellie Goulding. Head down. Let’s do this.

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750 words written today. My brain feels like mush. Time to listen to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And maybe also drink some more coffee.

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I’m totally working a reference to Daniel Spreadbury’s SMuFL work into a discussion of Rust’s Unicode support in New Rustacean e014.

(This has to be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. Even in context, this is over the top.)

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I’m pretty comfortable calling it at this point: The Gray HavensGhost of a King is the album of the year.

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Out of everything from the original The Terminator, I think it’s undeniable that the thing that holds up best is the main theme.

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Why isn’t Handoff a thing with iTunes? Seriously. That would be really nice.

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Working days like this, I’m incredibly grateful for Explosions in the Sky. And their latest album, The Wilderness, is just delightful.

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I accidentally just started playing through my entire iTunes library on random… and it’s wonderful. The joy of having lots of good music.

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Writing a sermon on Philippians 2:1–10 and listening to Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – The Complete Recordings. Delightful.

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Weeks where I’m in class all day take a toll on me mentally. I just realized one reason why: the absence of music! 🎶

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This is definitely an Arvo Pärt kind of morning as I wrap up my last week of work with this client.

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The only thing keeping me sane as I work through the atrocious Win32 Shell APIs today is listening to Pärt’s Lamentate.

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Really enjoying the score to The Martian this morning—nice work by Harry Gregson-Williams.

Two Podcast Themes

Music for Sap.py and New Rustacean

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A friend recently reminded me of the work of Eric Whitacre, which I loved in college, but had forgotten about since. I’m deeply grateful for that reminder on this rainy day studying in the library.

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I just realized: I have no idea how to listen to music the way “kids these days do”—i.e., as singles. I only ever listen to whole albums.

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Listening to the Noah soundtrack this morning makes me want to get around to actually watching the movie. Good work, Mansell.

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Observation: it is extremely difficult to compose when you have a(n adorable) one-year-old competing for the piano keys…

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Last night as we were coming home from dinner with friends, the CD changer switched from one album to the next and Ellie delightedly said, “What’s this? Pride and Prejudice!” Cuteness overload.

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James Newton Howard’s After Earth score is fairly generic action movie music. But it’s really good generic action movie music.

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Well, hello there, Smetana’s “Má Vlast”—I don’t believe we’ve met before, but you are absolutely delightful.

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This is a Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Mahler Symphony no. 2 kind of work morning.

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Hooked up my digital piano to Logic Pro X tonight and wrote the theme for a podcast we’re doing together on learning to program. It’s so good!

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How in the world have I gone all this time and never listened to Krzysztof Penderecki before today? This is outstanding stuff.

Let The Peoples Praise You

A Setting of Psalm 67

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