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Just registered for my last semester of classes and applied for graduation SEBTS. A good feeling, but a strange one.

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Pro tip: if you need an ingenious reading of a text to justify your view in light of it… you should probably just give up your view instead.

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I really like John Frame on a lot of things. But his arguments for Sabbatarianism are just special pleading on top of special pleading.

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How I make video lecture listening a bit more tolerable—with Audio Hijack 3 (see full size here or by clicking/tapping the image):

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I originally posted this as a tweetstorm, but I’m treating this as the canonical and adding a tweet to the end of that “topic” linking back here. Indie web forever.

Remember to find little ways to say thanks for the F/OSS you use. It doesn’t have to be a lot—even a small gesture goes a long ways.

E.g.: I just sent a ☕️ or 🍺 worth of the August New Rustacean Patreon funds to the awesome maintainer of the intellijidea-emberjs plugin.

That doesn’t begin to pay back the value he’s provided for me and many others—but even so, I know from experience: a little gesture is nice.

Constant Evaluation

Or, John Frame as an example of how we ought to read carefully.

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Reading Darrell Bock and other progressive dispensationalists, I often want to say: “You are not far from the kingdom [of covenant theology]!”

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I’m reading a book featuring an in-house debate between progressive and traditional dispensationalists on hermeneutics and theology.

Dispensationalist friends, I love you. Also, let’s have an intervention.

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The book I’m reading deserves a better cover.