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Heard in our house tonight: “No, Kate, why are you putting spinach on your toes?!”

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Eventually, my daughters are going to discover that I am not, in fact, cool. I’m going to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

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I am increasingly persuaded that there is a law of the universe which states: On any morning in which parents intend to sleep in at all, their children will awaken early, and with an overabundance of energy.

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Parenting skills: seeing the projectile vomit beginning, and sidestepping so it only gets on the floor.

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This week Kate learned to walk. Also, she decided to go on a goldfish-and-hotdogs-only food strike, and to wake up at 11pm and cry, shout, and scream for over an hour multiple nights this week. You win some, you lose some?

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Observation: it is extremely difficult to compose when you have a(n adorable) one-year-old competing for the piano keys…

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Ellie and Kate consistently get up half an hour to an hour earlier on Saturday mornings than any other day of the week. Coincidentally—or is it?—Saturday is also the only day we try to sleep in. It’s like they know, and plot against us!

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A minute ago, Ellie asked me to play with her and Kate. I started to answer, “No, I need to finish publishing Winning Slowly.” Then I remembered: putting that first would be pretty much exactly the opposite of Winning Slowly.

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I want so much to grind some of this single-origin decaf coffee and drink it right now.

But my 1-year-old is asleep downstairs.

So: nope.

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Kate kept us up late last night (no idea why). And we ran out of coffee yesterday. It’s going to be a long day…

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Our youngest has been sleeping through the night for a week now. Going to bed at 9:45 & getting up at 5:15 is suddenly doable again. Huzzah!

Snow Days and Friends Moving

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The State of Our Family in Early 2015

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