Typing Your Ember, Part 2

Adding TypeScript to an existing Ember.js project.

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Typing Your Ember, Part 1

Set your Ember.js project up to use TypeScript.

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Current status: Counter Culture coffee and Videri Chocolate 70% dark chocolate and Ember.js for Olo. This is a good Tuesday afternoon.

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I’m writing a talk on test-driven development with Ember.js for Olo’s in-house tech talks. How? By building a real feature and capturing the process!

Testing Ember.js Mixins (and Helpers) With a Container

Fixing "Attempting to lookup an injected property on an object without a container" errors in mixin and helper tests.

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I just had one of thos beautiful moments when I realized I’d written a beautifully generic component I could reuse throughout the app, and it made me so happy.

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I still love EmberJS—but if I have one complaint, it’s that it’s slightly too heavy on convention-based magic. I want it to be a little more explicit, so that I can have a little more insight into what it’s going. Yes, even if that means a little more boilerplate. Explicit is better than implicit.

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Just registered for Wicked Good Ember Conf 2016. Looking forward to chatting Ember.js in Boston in June!

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Pro tip for tracking down oddities with Ember.js during testing: ember test --serve --filter '<some pattern>' is great. E.g. ember t -s --filter 'Unit' for just unit tests.

Unsurprisingly, In Flux

A Quick Look at the State of JS Frameworks in Early 2015

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