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I originally posted this as a tweetstorm, but I’m treating this as the canonical and adding a tweet to the end of that “topic” linking back here. Indie web forever.

  • I’ve spent the last couple weeks using VS Code instead of Atom. It has a lot of things to recommend it, especially speed. It’s fast.

  • However, I have to say: it’s painfully obvious to me on macOS that Code is developed by people who aren’t Mac-native. Atom is.

  • And that’s okay—but it means that as many things as I like about Code over Atom, it always just feels a little off to me.

  • Ultimately, what I want is the extensibility promised by both Code and Atom, but with actually native UIs and native performance.

  • So on that note… @raphlinus, how’s XiEditor coming along? Because its approach is what we all really want, I think.

And he replied!