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I originally posted this as a tweetstorm, but I’m treating this as the canonical and adding a tweet to the end of that “topic” linking back here. Indie web forever.

  • My online writing needs are weird. I have searched for years, and unfortunately… I need to write a custom CMS.

  • I thought briefly about hammering together what I need with Metalsmith.io and its plugins. But that would be a stopgap.

  • So the inevitable comes to pass: I commit to, however slowly, build the CMS I need.

    Probably in Rust—so it should be crazy fast.

  • If you want to follow along on this site generator/CMS adventure (it’ll move slowly), you can do so here.1

  • Status: looking at C bindings for Pandoc and thinking about implementing a Rust wrapper for libpandoc vs. shelling out to pandoc. 🤔

  • First pass: just going to shell out on the command line. Second pass… well, if speed is what I’m going for…

  • I’ve guessed this for a while, but I can confirm it now: Clap is a really fantastic command-line argument library.

  1. For posterity’s sake (ha!) it’s worth note that the original link here was to yassg-btwir not lightning-rs. I actually noted as much, writing:

    That repo name is for “Yet Another Static Site Generator (This One’s In Rust)” because I feel so creative today.

    Note the headdesk-worthy initialism failure: it should have been btoir not btwir. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯