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I originally posted this as a tweetstorm, but I’m treating this as the canonical and adding a tweet to the end of that “topic” linking back here. Indie web forever.

  • AsciiDoc: a typical programmer-first, not writer-first, tool. Just try to find text formatting on the site. It’s §10 in the user guide. §10!
  • The “user guide” is an implementor’s guide, not a user’s guide. :sigh:

  • Gladly, makes it easier: “What is AsciiDoc” and “Writer’s Guide” and “Syntax Reference” are all on the front page.

  • But if you’ve ever wondered why Markdown caught on and AsciiDoc didn’t… well, there are many reasons, but this highlights the most basic: Markdown prioritizes the needs of the writer, not the implementor. Plain and simple as that.